About the Book


Hear author Kirk Kazanjian discuss his new book,
Driving Loyalty

About the Book

In order to build a successful company today, you must create an unbreakable bond of loyalty between your customers and employees. Few have done this better than Enterprise Holdings, owner of the Enterprise, National and Alamo rental car brands.

While Enterprise has long been known for offering excellent customer service, it faced a huge challenge after buying National and Alamo in 2007. Among other things, it had to integrate different cultures, manage a varied workforce, and meet the needs of a much larger and highly divergent customer base.

In Driving Loyalty, you’ll get an inside look at how Enterprise began operating these three distinct brands in a way that ultimately led to rising profitability and some of the highest customer and employee satisfaction scores in the industry. You’ll also discover how other thriving companies—from JetBlue and Starbucks to Costco and even Chobani Yogurt—use similar techniques to outsmart the competition and turn customers and employees into raving fans.

Among other things, you will learn:

  • Why taking care of your customers and employees builds loyalty and increases profitability
  • How being different from the competition can give you a huge edge
  • Ways to identify employees who will remain loyal for decades
  • Why paying workers well can put more money into your company’s coffers
  • Strategies for offering exceptional customer service that lead to significant increased business
  • Principles for building high-performing teams
  • Why simply keeping customers satisfied isn’t enough
  • How to track company and employee performance in a meaningful way
  • Why forming strong partnerships can take your company—and your career—to the next level
  • The best ways to grow your business and expand your target markets without sacrificng the customer experience
  • Keys to integrating different cultures into your organization
  • Ways to build brand loyalty, and why the rules differ based on your target audience
  • Which techniques work best when it comes to surveying customers and employees
  • The formula for effectively leveraging social media, while integrating it into your other marketing efforts to connect with your customers and employees
  • Proven strategies for attracting top-notch workers in a competitive hiring environment
  • Techniques for making first-rate customer service a way of life for every member of your team

Driving Loyalty is available at bookstores nationwide. You can also order a copy right now at a special discount by clicking here.